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Who is 'Abdo'?

  • I'm from Cairo, Egypt. My full name is Abdelrahman Mohamadeen.
  • I have BSc degree in Computer Engineering, from Ain Shams University. (One of the top two competing universities in Egypt when it comes to Computer Engineering.)
  • I am experienced with a variety of programming languages, like JavaScript (ES6), TypeScript (its superset) and Python, technologies like React.js, SASS (SCSS), and Node.js (Express).
  • I am a fast learner, and a writer.
  • View my resume here.
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"You will always need to handle the encoming opportunities, because the right one will only come once."


Here are 6 of my works that demonstrate my programming experience using JavaScript.

I am glad to show you my works.
Note that all my works are made from scratch, responsive and mobile friendly.

You can contact me in the section below if you have a comment, or, most importantly, if you like my work! wink

take a look :


The Music Tree

A website that provides you with the kind of music you need, according to your current mood.
(I used HTML5, CSS3 and plain Javascript)

My Island

The only place online where you will be able to get the world's latest updates, while expressing yourself.
(I used React JS, Redux, Firebase and numerous other modules)

The Elephant Cars

It is a project that allows you to create virtual instances of your favorite cars and come visit them anytime.
(I used Angular 5, Material library, and Firebase. It is an implementation of this.)

Balloons Game

Want to test your quickness and to feel a little excited? then you need to check out the Balloons Game.
(I used mainly Javascript, and also HTML5, CSS3)

I Can Fly

A website about an imaginary organization that is able to simply make people, well, fly. This is their official website, as for now.
(I used HTML5, CSS3 and plain Javascript with a little bit of jQuery)

My Portfolio Page

My own website, it represents my portfolio.
(I used HTML5, CSS3 and a tiny bit of Javascript)

Contact Abdo

I'll be more than happy to receive your comments, pieces of advice, offers, or even friend requests.

"Better than a man with a good heart is a man with a good heart who communicates it."

Contacting and being contacted by people is a blessing.

One more thing about me? I love dealing with new people and new cultures, especially throughout my journey of implementing beautiful code.

My Learning Updates

I should be learning everyday, don't you think?

And, being a fast learner, I should be ready to learn every, well, second!

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