Software Engineer


I am a Senior Front End Engineer based in Dubai, I use React JS and Node JS everyday. I love travelling, football & poetry.

  • Based in Dubai
  • Experience 5+ Years

More about me

👋 Hey there, I'm Abdo! As a Senior Front End Software Engineer with over 5 years of experience, I specialize in core JavaScript and the frameworks and technologies surrounding it 🤓. I use React and TypeScript on a daily basis to build web apps from scratch, which have been used by tens of thousands in production 🚀.

🤖 In addition to building web apps, I've also worked on building some pretty cool browser extensions 🌐. My passion for software development has led me to continuously expand my knowledge and stay up to date with the latest best practices 📚.

💻 Throughout my career, I've gained valuable experience leading teams and building world-class products 🌎. This includes the company's main customer-facing product and a white-label solution for our partners. I'm also well-versed in interviewing candidates for Frontend Engineer positions and ensuring that engineering objectives are met each quarter 🤝.

I'm always open to discussing the latest developments in web development, including topics on HTML, CSS, JS, and TS. As a Senior Front End Software Engineer, I am seeking new challenges, to apply my skills and expertise in the field 💪.